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Yahrzeits 30 Kislev to 6 Tevet

Howard Goldberg; Hyman Solomon Goldberg; Angelika Wolff; Joseph Zatzman; Louis Silverman; Irving Perlin; Dr. James Hammerling; Debra Lecker; Louis Morton Garson; Joseph Goldberg; Helen Garson Stoffman; Abram Parleman; Rosalyn Goldberg; Nettie Shapiro; Leonard Laurence Stone.                         

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Michael Falk tells his story…

Michael Falk

about the kindness and bravery of those who hid Michael and his mother during the Holocaust. This “must read” story was published in the September 15th edition of The Chronicle Herald:  

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Dalhousie University Released a Video on Constance Glube: Canada’s First Jewish Female Provincial Chief Justice

“Constance Glube’s (1931-2016) legacy includes a long list of firsts within the Canadian judicial system, but to her many friends and colleagues, “Connie’s” passion for helping others, her modesty and her decisiveness shape the stories told about her. These traits all came together to make Glube a diligent trailblazer for women and minorities throughout her…

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