Each  of our classes explores Jewish identity and texts as well as Hebrew learning.  Classes are split into grades and topics are explored based on each year's ability level.  The main focus of the Halifax Joint Hebrew School is to provide students with a groundwork of Jewish knowledge and prepare each student for Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Jewish adulthood.


Children in the Preschool class will work to develop positive attitudes about synagogue, Jewish people and religion.  Their participation in the classroom creates familiarity with the rabbi, teachers, synagogues, Jewish community. Classes teach Jewish songs, brachot, bible stories, and aleph bet.

  • Introduction to Jewish holidays
  • Aleph Bet
  • Bible stories
  • Creative craft projects
  • Shabbat songs


Grade 1:

The focus of the Grade 1 class is belonging and learning as Jewish concepts. Through lessons, students will learn how holidays are integral to Jewish community. Hebrew learning continues with students sounding out letters and combining vowels and short letter and vowel combinations

  • Traditions and Customs
  • Learning vowels and sounding out Hebrew words
  • Torah Heroes
  • Respecting our world
  • Understanding Shabbat


Grade 2:

In Grade 2 students will grasp the major aspects of the Torah with a focus on matriarchs and patriarchs. There's a strong focus on Hebrew language skills with an introduction to phonetic Hebrew learning.  

  • Bible stories through Jewish holidays
  • Reading simple Hebrew
  • Judaism in the home
  • T'Fila assemble
  • Significance of Shabbat customs


Grade 3:

Grade 3 focuses on the exploration of Jewish concepts of G-d and holiness.  Student will learn to relate values of 10 commandments and relationships in family trees. Classes will learn about the weekly parsha and students will be able to recite the names of the books of Torah. Reinforcing Hebrew language skills through reading and writing is consistent throughout grade 3.   

  • Bible stories through Jewish holidays
  • Reading complete and basic sentences
  • Jewish Calendar
  • T'fila assembly
  • Significance of Shabbat customs

Grade 4:

Students in Grade 4 will focus on Modern Day Israel. Children will receive an introduction to written and oral Torah, talmud and midrash.  Through tefillah and classroom learning, students will receive an introduction to prayer service.

  • Kosher and sofer
  • Connection to Israel
  • Expanding toward fluent Hebrew reading
  • 39 Melachot laws
  • Introduction to prayer service


Grade 5:

In Grade 5 students will explore the lasws of Kashrut. Through exploration of biblical texts and history, students will discover Jewish values and ethics.  There is an emphasis on history and current events, looking specifically at Eastern European communities. The values of Tikkun Olam are explored throughout the year.

  • Kashurt
  • Expanding toward fluent Hebrew reading
  •  Morals and Lessons in Jewish texts
  • History of Jewish communities
  • Participating in prayer service


Grade 6/7:

In grade 6 and 7 student are expanding their Jewish knowledge as they prepare for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah.  Students will learn how to daven and lead services.  Jewish History will be explored from Diaspora to present, current events, and the Holocaust.  While exploring scripture, students will focus on the themes of tragedy, survival and perserverance.  As students are transitioning to Jewish adulthood, they will focus on Jewish life cycle from birth to death and Modern Israeli themes.

  • Lead Shabbat service
  • Expanding toward fluent Hebrew reading
  • Jewish Calendar
  • Parshat hashavuah
  • B'nai Mitzvah