Shaar Shalom Library

The Shaar Shalom library is a multi-purpose space, for small lectures, meetings, and gatherings; Book Club; Hebrew School; and, just curling up with a good book! The library houses thousands of books, including books donated by family and friends to the Laura Herschorn Memorial Library, the Sylvia Herschorn Collection, the Leonia Falk Yiddish Collection, and Hebrew language books donated by the Atlantic Jewish Council. All books have been coded, labelled, and scanned into a library app for use for the Shaar membership and non-member use.

Library Hours:

The Library is open anytime for members. The non-member hours are currently:

Tuesdays from 6-8pm

Thursdays from 4-8pm

Sundays from 12-5pm

Using the Library

The Shaar uses a library card registry. Library users will use printed library cards.

Fees and Registration:

Use of the library is free for members, and $50 annually per non-member family, $36 per non-member individual.

Non-members seeking a library card will submit a registration form and pay for the card in advance.


All members will automatically be entered into the registry and can use the library free of charge as part of their membership. Their library card will be kept in the library for them to pick up the first time they use it.


Non-members will be added to the registry and permitted to borrow books from the library after paying the Registration Fee.

Borrowing Books

You borrow books via an app called Library Thing. Using the app is easy! You just download it to your phone and check out books that way or you may use the app on the computer in the library.

Book Donations

We love receiving financial donations as that means we can purchase books that we need or have been requested to add to our collection. The library is not accepting new or used books at this time.