The Library


The Shaar Shalom Library has been built over the life of our congregation, with books purchased and donated to the synagogue for more than 50 years. We currently have over 1,500 titles on topics ranging from Jewish fiction, the Holocaust, holidays, baking, history, art, children’s books, religion, books in Hebrew and Yiddish and many more! We also have books donated by family and friends to the Laura Hershorn Memorial Library, the Sylvia Hershorn Collection, the Leonia Falk Yiddish Collection, and other rare books. We have a section of books on death and dying and the grieving process from a Jewish perspective, and books for those involved in conversion to Judaism.

The Library is overseen by a small group of volunteer members of the congregation, who look after it on behalf of the whole congregation, under the general supervision of the Board. Look through our Library, and it’s like looking through the history of the Shaar Shalom – you’ll find many books with inscriptions that were donated on special occasions like bar and bat mitzvahs, birthdays, and other special occasions in the life of the synagogue.

Borrowing Books

If you wish to borrow a book (except for rare books or books marked reference that cannot leave the library), you can just remove the card from the back pocket and write your name and phone number (or email address) on it. Leave the card on the desk in the box. You can borrow a book for up to two weeks. To remind you when it’s due, use the date stamp provided. Set the date for two weeks from the borrowing date, and stamp the pocket at the back of the book.

Returning Books

You don’t need to put the card back in the book or reshelf it. Just leave it in the basket and the library volunteers will look after the rest.

Book Donations


We love receiving donations of cash as that means we can purchase books that we need or have been requested to add to our collection. If you have good quality books you wish to donate to the library, please contact the synagogue office and let them know what books you would like to donate. A volunteer will get back to you to let you know if the library is in need of your books.