Mission Statement

Our Joint Hebrew School strives to develop our children into conscientious Jewish citizens who are active members of the greater Jewish community.  We want our children to have a strong Jewish identity and feel pride in celebrating Jewish peoplehood, Israel, and the beauty of the Jewish calendar (holidays, Shabbat, lifecycle).  Upon completing the Hebrew School program, children should have enough grounding so that they could enter most any Jewish community in the world and feel a sense of confidence and understanding, which includes providing them skills to help prepare them for their B'nai Mitzvah celebration.

  • All students will learn to read and write Hebrew.  Students will also have the option to master an elementary-level understanding of the Hebrew language.
  • Our program focuses on keeping the students at the centre of our planning and we communicate regularly with parents, in order to best serve everyone’s needs.
  • Our Junior Congregation program provides opportunities for families to experience Shabbat together at synagogue and we regularly encourage parent participation in their children’s Jewish education through classroom projects and volunteering at various holiday celebrations.
  • Our school currently runs at the Shaar Shalom Synagogue.   Our program is inclusive and non-judgmental.