Hebrew School

Children in families who are members of the Shaar Shalom Congregation are entitled to enroll in the Halifax Joint Hebrew School at no additional cost beyond their family membership dues provided they meet the Shaar Shalom’s policy on eligibility in the Hebrew School as detailed in the Halifax Cooperative Hebrew School Eligibility policy.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Students

The Shaar launched a new initiative in September 2017 for our bar/bat mitzvah students. Thanks to the Gordon Dankner Education Fund, each new bar/bat mitzvah student will receive her/his own personal, inscribed siddur (prayer book) to use for her/his bar/bat mitzvah preparation. The Dankner family is delighted to celebrate the legacy of "Mr. D" through the presentation of these siddurim (prayer books) and are honoured to be part of the continuing Jewish practice and life of the students he so loved. We hope bar/bat mitzvah students use these siddurim in conjunction with this audio file to practice the Shaar's beloved Torah Service tunes with Mr. D!


The Halifax Joint Hebrew School is operated cooperatively by the Shaar Shalom Synagogue and the Beth Israel Synagogue. Refer to the Halifax Joint Hebrew School website.