Hebrew School

The Halifax Joint Hebrew School is operated cooperatively by the Shaar Shalom Synagogue and the Beth Israel Synagogue.  Both of these synagogues are governed by their respective boards.  Our program is run by a committee.  Our spiritual leaders are the rabbis from both synagogues - Rabbi Yakov Kerzner from Beth Israel and Rabbi Gary Karlin from Shaar Shalom.

Children in families who are members of the Shaar Shalom Congregation are entitled to enroll in the Halifax Joint Hebrew School at no additional cost beyond their family membership dues provided they meet the Shaar Shalom’s policy on eligibility in the Hebrew School as detailed in the Halifax Cooperative Hebrew School Eligibility policy.

We would love to hear from you about any questions or suggestions you might have!

For religious inquiries contact:

Rabbi Karlin - Rabbi@TheShaar.ca

Rabbi Kerzner - Rabbi@TheBethIsrael.com

For curriculum questions/concerns contact the education committee contact:

Joanna Mirsky Wexler - JoannaMirskyWexler@gmail.com