Simon L. Gaum Bereavement Centre

The Shaar Shalom Congregation established the Simon L. Gaum Bereavement Centre in memory of Simon Gaum, a loyal and devoted member of our community and synagogue.

The Simon L. Gaum Bereavement Centre consists of a group of volunteers who assist the Chevra Kaddisha Committee during the shiva period and continue to support a grieving person/family during the difficult months that follow. All volunteers have participated in a grief workshop. Work that has been accomplished under the Centre includes:

  • creating a grief reference library at the Shaar Shalom Synagogue, including books for children and youth;
  • providing written literature to those supporting a family member or friend who is going through a difficult time;
  • assisting with unveilings;
  • compiling and organizing resource information from other Jewish Bereavement Centres; and,
  • coordinating all information to ensure that it is easily available and accessible to our congregants and community.

The Bereavement Centre is administered under the direction of the Shaar Shalom Board and The Simon L. Gaum Bereavement Committee. For information, contact the synagogue office.

Simon L Gaum

Simon L Gaum