Especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jewish life can provide us with an anchor. This Wednesday evening, we will again welcome Pesaḥ, “The Festival of Our Freedom.”

I have prepared and collected these materials to help you to get ready for and celebrate the holiday. Note that, in the interest of simplicity, these resources are presented as links. Simply click on the underlined text in your browser to access the information.

  1. First of all, although there are no public services held currently, click here for a day-by-day breakdown of the general Passover schedule, including candle lighting times.
  2. Every year, the Rabbinical Assembly prepares a detailed guide to the holiday. I’m pleased to make it available to you — click here to view or download this resource.
  3. The Torah instructs us that we may not even possess ḥametz on Passover. This is why we take pains to use up as much of the stuff as possible before the holiday, and why we clean our homes so thoroughly. If you would like Rabbi Karlin to “sell” your ḥametz (mekhirat ḥametz), contact him at, or just follow the easy directions on this form (click here) and fill it in yourself. Please note that this must be completed by 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, April 8 (the morning before the first Seder).
  4. Finally, the Rabbinical Assembly has prepared a Haggadah Supplement for this unprecedented Pesaḥ. Click here to view or download this resource.

Just to recap,

Ḥag same’aḥ v’kasher — Have a happy and kosher festival,

Rabbi Gary Karlin