COVID Update

We are pleased to note that we are now in Phase Four of Nova Scotia’s reopening. According to provincial rules, we are currently permitted 50% of our space’s capacity, with social distancing and masking. This means that

 the Shaar’s Friday 6:00 pm and Saturday 9:15 am Shabbat services are open to all, within these more generous limits – no reservations necessary.

In addition, Shabbat services will continue to be webcast over StreamSpot as in the past. We chose this platform because it is the most Shabbat-friendly option available; people can log-on before Shabbat begins, and keep the stream running untouched for the duration of Shabbat in order to respect the sanctity of the day.

For those who are comfortable, we look forward to davening, learning, gathering, and (yes!) eating together this Shabbat.