Today we acknowledge the loss, anger and grief our African Nova Scotian and Indigenous neighbours and friends are experiencing.  And we join the chorus of voices condemning the systemic racism and discrimination pervasive in our society, not only today, but every day. Sadly, intolerance and injustice live here in Nova Scotia as well as in Canada and elsewhere;  as such, we pledge to fight against Black racism and other forms of discrimination right along with you.

But we realize that simply saying the words isn’t enough:  at the Shaar Shalom, we have committed to enhanced programming and education within our own diverse Jewish community, as well as efforts to build more interfaith and inter-community relationships.  In doing so, we are creating more space for conversations about racism and privilege within our community, and including these topics as we educate the next generation.

Two thousand years ago, when our great sage was challenged to summarize the entire Torah in an instant, he responded “What is hateful to you, do to no other. That is the whole Torah; the rest is the commentary; go and learn it!”

Humanity has not yet learned this truth, and we, the Shaar Shalom community, recommit ourselves to doing so. We look forward to joining with our neighbours of all faiths, ethnicities, cultures, backgrounds and races to learn and live the Torah’s command to “love your neighbour as yourself.” (Leviticus 19)

We encourage you to explore the resources provided in the following link for learning and ways to support our local Black and Indigenous communities: Anti-racist resources for the Shaar Shalom